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Alessandro Minguzzi

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03/A2 – Modelli e Metodologie per le Scienze Chimiche

Dipartimento di Chimca
via Golgi 19 – 20133 MILANO

Edificio 5; Corpo A – I piano; ufficio 1 08 O

Tel: +39 02-50314224
Fax: +39 02-50314215
e-mail: alessandro.minguzzi@unimi.it

Dr. Alessandro Minguzzi – PhD

Alessandro Minguzzi, assistant professor at the Department of Chemistry, the University of Milan.

Research activities: Physical-Chemistry and electrochemistry of materials. Electrocatalysis. Innovative methods in electrocatalysis: Cavity-microelectrodes, Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy, operando X-Ray absorption Spectroscopy, Multiphysics Simulations of mass transport and fluidynamics.

Carreer: PhD (2007) and post doc at the University of Milan; visiting researcher at (2006) the Laboratoire de Electrochimie et Synthèse Organique, Institut de Chimie et des Matériaux Paris Est, CNRS, Parigi (funded by COST D29 project); (2008) Prof. S. Daniele group (Università “Ca’ Foscari”, Venezia); (2007 and 2010) Prof. A.J. Bard group (University of Texas at Austin, TX, USA)

2011 – invited at the University of Alicante, Spain, to spend a research period and to give a seminar as expert in electrocatalysis and innovative electrochemical investigation methods.

2013 – elected member of the board of the Electrochemical Division of the Italian Chemical Society

50 Articles published on international, peer-reviewed journals, more than 80 oral/poster presentations at conferences, 8 invited seminars/oral communications. Member of the Board of the Electrochemistry Division of the Italian Chemical Society.

Awards:2006 “AMEL s.r.l.” prize, by the Electrochemical Division of the Italian Chemical Society

– 2010 “F.I.A.M.M. S.p.A.” prize, by the Electrochemical Division of the Italian Chemical Society

  • “ISE Travel Award for Young Electrochemists”, by the International Society of Electrochemistry
  • ”Poster award at the 7th Workshop on SECM and related techniques (Ein Gedi, Israel)
  • Premio Levi 2014 for the best research article written by a under-35 Italian chemist

Funding: – Futuro in Ricerca 2013, head of the UniMI research unit for a project entitled “Low-cost photoelectrodes architectures based on the redox cascade principle for artificial photosynthesis”, in collaboration with Dr. A. Naldoni CNR-ISTM (160.000 Euro)

-Principal investigator. Piano di Sviluppo di Ateneo 2015-2017, a starting grant from the University of Milan aimed at funding young researchers.

– Oronzio and Niccolò De Nora one-year fellowship (2007).

  • 8 proposals funded by the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF, Grenoble, FR) as main proposer, two as co-proposer
  • A two-year proposal is funded by LISA beamline (ESRF) in collaboration with an international team for performing 4 experiments using the synchrotron radiation to better understand the behavior of composite photoelectrodes for hydrogen generation from sunlight.
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