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03/A2 – Modelli e Metodologie per le Scienze Chimiche

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Prof. Sandra Rondinini

Sandra Rondinini, “laureata cum laude” in Chemistry in 1975, at the University of Milano (Italy), Senior Researcher in 1980, Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry in 1985, Full Chair qualification in Physical Chemistry. She is Member of the Department of Chemistry of the same University.

Her research activity covers the wide spectrum of fundamental and applied electrochemistry, following a naturally developing path along which she has accumulated a rich experience now mainly devoted to the integrated fields of rationalization of energy sources and environmental remediation and protection.

Her expertise in fundamental and applied aspects of electrochemistry is at the basis of her studies on:

  • electrochemical methodologies for synthesis, degradation and conversion of organic compounds to value-added substances.
  • interfacial phenomena, which govern the heterogeneous electron transfer, and their application to the wide area of materials electrochemistry, including the rationalization of energy sources and the development of electrochemical devices.
  • Main themes cover: (i) chemically modified electrodes for sensors and electronics, (ii) nanostructured mixed metals and metal oxide composite materials for energy conversion (e.g. reversible water electrolysis/fuel cell systems), (iii) development of innovative methodologies for the rapid and reliable determination of key electrochemical properties; (iv) combined electrochemical and X­ray Absorption Spectroscopy methodologies for the in­situ and operando elucidation of electron and charge transfer homogeneous and heterogeneous phenomena.

More recently, she has developed specific interest and expertise in environmental impact analysis of substances/materials and processes.

Sandra Rondinini has active cooperations with authoritative Italian and foreign Groups: Christian Amatore (École Normale Supérieure, Paris, France), Allen J. Bard (The University of Texas at Austin, TX, USA), Salvatore Daniele (Università di Venezia), Juan Feliu (University of Alicante), Paolo Ghigna (Università di Pavia), Massimo Innocenti (Università di Firenze) Joaquin Rodriguez­Lopez (University of Illinois at Urbana­Champaign, IL, USA), Carlos M. Sanchez­Sanchez (Sorbonne Universités, UPMC Univ Paris 06, UMR 8235, Paris, France), Dimitri E. Khoshtariya (Academy of Sciences, Tblisi, Georgia).

She has authored and co­authored over 170 publications on national and international, peer reviewed journals, 2 patents and several invited communications to national and international meetings.

Teaching activity, from 1979 to date: Industrial Chemistry Curriculum (Electrical Measurements and Process Control, Electrochemistry, Industrial Electrochemistry), basic course in Physical Chemistry and master course “Energy: Sources, conversion and Storage”, together with selected topics for the Doctorate School of Chemistry Sciences and Technologies.

Participation to national and international Bodies and Organizations: 2016-­2017: Titular Member of the Analytical Chemistry Division of IUPAC; 2012-­2016: Member of the Boarding Committee of FAST; 2014-­2016: Past­President of SCI Lombardia; 2011-­2013: President of SCI Lombardia; 2007­ to date: Member of the Working Party on Chemistry and Energy di EuCheMS (European Society on Chemical and Molecular Sciences); 2005­-2007: President of SCI Electrochemical Division

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